"Diamond" Dave Somerville

Dave was born in Rockwood Ontario and at the time he met the other fellows he was working as a technician at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. He was also an excellent singer who had a maturity in his voice that belied his tender age. Dave was always a strong singer and was trained for several years by noted Tutor Dr Ernesto Vinci - the same teacher who taught Robert Goulet. Had Dave not gone into Rock and Roll, he could have easily taken his place alongside crooners such as Vic Damone and Andy Williams - he certainly had the voice for it.

Of Dave, Mike Douglas has said " Had it not been for Dave's great voice, The Diamonds would have never had the success they did". Dave sang lead on all of The Diamonds' hits, and in fact just about all of their album tracks, b sides and non-hit singles. When Dave left The Diamonds in 1961, he went solo and sang under the name of "David Troy" - mainly singing folk songs which were popular at the time. Dave later joined the original Four Preps as the bass singer when Ed Cobb retired from the group. He then sang in a duet with ex-Four Prep Bruce Belland before going solo again and becoming involved with many projects.

It is so good to see that in the tough showbiz environment, Dave has not merely survived, but has flourished throughout the years. His delightful voice and warm approachable disposition have placed him among the highest order of entertainers. If Sinatra was the chairman of the board, then Diamond Dave Somerville is the Elder statesman of rock and roll. He has been active performing around the world continuously up to the present, and who knows, maybe we are still yet to see the best from this fine artist.

Somewhere in the next five minutes, the voice of Dave Somerville will electrify the airwaves somewhere in the world. As the lead singer of The Diamonds ' "Little Darlin'", one of the seminal songs of rock 'n' roll and classics such as "Why do Fools Fall in Love" "Silhouettes" and "The Stroll", his vocals on these anthems have become staples of radio programming as well as the backgrounds for countless TV commercials. Program directors and Ad agencies figure that 25 million record buyers must have been right. Inquiring minds might ask: How does one acquire such celebrity in the pantheon of rock music? Well it comes naturally when you have the talent and you've toured with Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, LaVerne Baker, The Drifters, Frankie Lymon, Paul Anka, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Knox, Eddie Cochran, Jimmy Bowen, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, The Del Vikings, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Fats Domino and Buddy Holly as Dave has. Sharing stages, dressing rooms, and bus trips with these rock and roll pioneers is the stuff of which legends are born. Dave was introduced to his first 45 record player by Buddy Holly on one of the many Greyhound buses that he and The crickets shared. This was only fitting since Dave and The Diamonds' "Little Darlin'" was the first hit record on that new seven-inch innovation, the 45 RPM record. It was also on these trips that Chuck berry would borrow Dave's handy acoustic guitar in to which he stuck the bus driver's mictophone taped in the "on" position, providing inspiration for the chords of his next "Maybelline" hit and many spontaneous sing-alongs. And, it was in the hotel rooms along the waywhere The Everly Brothers would refine their harmonies and where Paul Anka might crash for the night in Dave's bathtub after hours of jamming. He's been "Under the Boardwalk" with The drifters and in "My Blue Heaven" with fats Domino.Johnny cash, Jimmie Rodgers and Connie Stevens were there at Molly Bee's to help dave celebrate his 25th Birthday.He was standing backstage the first time the promotor saw Little Richard fake a heart attack in the middle of his act. Together, they became family for the Canadian native while he experienced the transformation of Rhythm and Blues into - what ministers would claim what was the devil's music - rock and roll. His music influenced the evolution of rock'n'roll and many legendary artists over the years, including Elvis, who was a big fan of The Diamonds. "The King" spent many hours rehearsing "Little Darlin'" to the Diamonds hit record and recorded his own version of the song. Diamond Dave's current act is full of songs and vignettes of the late and great., as well as his own 16 hits, plus a variety of material from his vast repertoire tailored to his audience. His rich baritone voice and incredible range remain unmistakable today. He keeps a busy schedule using his multi faceted voice and musical talents. recording soundtracks, performing voice overs for many of your favourite products or dashing off a tune or two. He's co-written the title song foe Willie Nelson's No 1 country album, "The Troublemaker", as wel;l as the title song for the ABC hit television series "The Fall Guy" and he has recorded a number of children's albums. He's performed in stage musicals, as well as network shows from "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" to "Star Trek". He's played venues from carnegie hall to Trump's Taj Mahal, and he has appeared on informational shows as varied as "The Today Show", Regis and Kathy Lee" and "Entertainment Tonight". Legend? More accurately, he's a renaissance man whose musical history and creative talent bridges several decades and artistic realms.

Dave Somerville