Evan Fisher

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, tenor Evan Fisher was the first non-Canadian to join the group. Evan moved to California at an early age and attended high school in Hollywood (Hollywood High) with Bruce Belland, Glen Larson, Ed Cobb and Marvin Inabnett (who later to formed "The Four Preps" - of which Evan was an early member). Evan served with the US navy for a few years after leaving high school - he a radar operator on the USS Kearsarge, but resumed his singing career soon after his return to civilian life. Evan Joined The Diamonds towards the end of 1958 -replacing Tedd Kowalski when Tedd decided to return to University. his first recording session with The Diamonds yielding the hit "She Say (oom dooby doom)". During his time with The Diamonds, Evan combined his singing talent with his natural flair for comedy. Some of the tracks that he recorded in the early sixties show his ability to perform melodramatic and even slapstick roles on stage. Evan remained with The Diamonds up until the mid 1960s - when both he and the (then) lead singer of The Diamonds - Jim Malone - both departed the group and sang as a duo under the name of "Fisher and Malone" The fellows did the club circuit for a few years before going their separate ways. (see section on Jim Malone) Evan settled in California and for several years had an interest in "The Icehouse" with his brother, Bob - a comedy club located in Pasadena California. As of this writing, Evan is happily living in semi-retirement with his wife Natalia in Arizona.

In 1959,
Sammy Davis Jr and his fellow "Rat Packers", Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop broke more racial barriers while filming Ocean’s Eleven. Before and after their Copacabana Room shows at the Sands (site of today’s Venetian), the Rat Pack visited crap tables at casinos along The Strip. If a casino resort would not let Sammy in, Sinatra told them we’re not coming in. Given all the press the Rat Pack was generating worldwide before the film’s release, no casino resort wanted to be photographed turning away Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop at the height of their careers. The casinos relented and Sammy became a guest. Sinatra and Sammy also did several Copacabana acts poking fun at segregation. Sinatra, who was loved by, if not connected to the mob, enabled them to get away with it and he convinced many in the Hollywood community to take a similar stand for integration of The Strip. Only God knows how many times Sinatra put in a word that saved Sammy’s hide.At the same time Sammy was in the big room, The Diamonds were in the Sands Lounge.

Evan Fisher (left) singing with The Four Preps (pre-Diamonds)

Evan Fisher was the manager of The Icehouse for several years

USS KearsargeUSS Kearsarge

The Diamond with Evan Fisher