The Diamonds

The Diamonds is one of the greatest vocal quartets in the history of rock and roll. The Canadian quartet - formed in the early nineteen fifties in Toronto scored seventeen chart hits (US Billboard and Canadian Top 40) between 1956 and 1961 - three of these being AARI certified gold records.

In the spring of 1953 "The Four Diamonds" a vocal quartet was formed by Tedd Kowalski and Mike Douglas. The personnel consisted of Tedd Kowalski, Mike Douglas,Bob Danko and Bill Reed. After several months of rehearsal this quartet temporarily disbanded in the summer of the same year when Tedd Kowalski began study at The University Of Toronto working toward his degree
in Electrical Engineering.

It was at the university that Tedd met two other students who shared his love of singing - namely Phil Levitt and Stan Fisher. Phil was studying electrical engineering whilst Stan was a law student. A bass singer was needed to round out the group. Tedd immediately suggested Bill Reed from his earlier group and when Bill agreed to join, the boys began to polish their act. It was toward the end of 1953 that the fellows met Dave Somerville - another aspiring singer who was working as an engineer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Dave coached the group but eventually found himself singing lead when the group sang on their first engagement at St Thomas Aquinas church in Toronto. On the way to the groups first gig, Tedd Kowalski named this foursome "The Four Diamonds" and the name was used on this first engagement. (Stan Fisher was involved with exams and retired from the group) - around Christmas 1953. Dave Somerville became the first permanent replacement when he replaced original lead singer Stan Fisher. Phil Levitt was replaced by Mike Douglas in 1957. Tedd Kowalski was replaced by Evan Fisher in 1958. Bill Reed was replaced by John Felten also in 1958 on the same day.(It appears that replacements became a way of life in the history of The Diamonds).In 1961 Dave Somerville was replaced by new lead singer Jim Malone.

Following this modest beginning The Diamonds built an impressive career - racking up seventeen hits - Three million selling "Gold Records" hundreds of TV appearances - movies - soundtracks - commercials and international fame. This website is a tribute to each of the eight singers who, between 1955 and 1963, sang and recorded the history of The Diamonds.
It took the talent of all the eight members  to make it happen.

Author's Note

There are many places on the world wide web that include The Diamonds on their pages. The accuracy and reliability of these sites varies considerably. Unfortunately, most of the information on these sites has been lifted from publicity releases and album sleeves or simply stolen from the sites of others and is generally quite stale - or at worst - plainly incorrect. This site has been written for the purpose of getting the record straight. It was done by sourcing information directly from the group members themselves. Of the eight fellows who were a part of the hit making group throught the late fifties and early sixties, five are with us today and each has made a contribution to this work..

The Diamonds left a legacy of over one hundred (released) recordings and seventeen chart hits. Most of these recordings are extremely rare in 2009, but small samples of most of these will be available for listening on this site.

The website has been created in close collaboration with Tedd Kowalski and Mike Douglas - the longest serving Diamond. This project has largely come about as a result of the close collaboration between Mike Douglas and Ric Tester. It has taken a long while to build and is constantly being updated. Enjoy this tribute to The Diamonds.

The site contains - in varying proportions - history, discographical information, sound clips, candid photos, publicity shots and over a hundred images of record labels and sleeves. If you want to know something about the music of The Diamonds, you will most likely find it here. Whether your visit here amounts to a trip down memory lane or an adventure in uncharted territory, I hope you enjoy the experience. It is a must for all fans of authentic first wave rock and roll.

The Diamonds 1955-1957

The first recordingl group consisted of:

  • Dave Somerville - lead
  • Tedd Kowalski - tenor
  • Phil Levitt - baritone
  • Bill Reed - bass

The Diamonds 1957-1958

By mid 1957 the group was;

  • Dave Somerville - lead
  • Tedd Kowalski - tenor
  • Mike Douglas - baritone
  • Bill Reed - bass

The Diamonds 1958-1961

  • In late 1958 The Diamonds were;
  • Dave Somerville - lead
  • Evan Fisher - tenor
  • Mike Douglas - baritone
  • John Felten - bass

The Diamonds 1961-1969

In 1961 The Diamonds were;

  • Jim Malone - lead
  • Evan Fisher - tenor
  • Mike Douglas - baritone
  • John Felten - bass

"We certify that this site contains a truthful account of the history and activities of The Diamonds"

Tedd Kowalski (founding member of the Mercury recording Diamonds)

Mike Douglas (member of the Mercury recording Diamonds)

Ric Tester (The Diamonds Historian)

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The first group of Diamonds that recorded and performed between 1955 and mid 1957. Clockwise from top: Bill Reed (bass), Phil Levitt (baritone) David Somerville (lead) Tedd Kowalski (Tenor).

The Diamonds - mid 1957-1958. Clockwise, from top. Mike Douglas(baritone), Bill Reed (bass), Dave Somerville (lead), Tedd Kowalski (tenor)

The Diamonds 1958-1961. Clockwise from top; Evan Fisher (tenor), Mike Douglas (baritone), Dave Somerville (Lead), John Felten (bass).

The Diamonds 1961-1969. Clockwise from top: Evan Fisher (Tenor), Mike Douglas (baritone). Jim Malone (lead), John Felten (bass),

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