Mike Douglas Biography (by Lisa)

The following is a reprint of a school project that was completed by Mike's daughter, Lisa, several years ago.

Reflection (Lisa Douglas)

Throughout my life, I have heard bits and pieces in the history and fame that has taken place in the life of my father. This portfolio, to me, is an answer to long awaited questions as well as an attempt to become better informed about the past of my father and the incredible significance it has.

The decision to do my portfolio on my father results from my desire to learn more about the impact he had made in rock and roll in the 1950s and 1960s. I did the majority of my research through pictures and newspaper clippings. I view this portfolio more of a personal reflection of the new found information I have learned about my dad. Through this project, I have grown closer to my dad and have learned many things about him. The purpose of my portfolio was to learn about my father's life, the beginning of his career and his life in rock-roll. I believe I have successfully reached this goal. This project was very exciting for me and will be something I treasure all my life.

Mike Dlugosz (Douglas) was born April 23 1934 in Saskatchewan, Canada to John and Francesca Dlugosz. Mike is the youngest of three children. While being raised and educated in Toronto, Ontario for the majority of his life, at the age of eleven, mike realized for the first time he had a desire to sing. His first experience on stage was singing "Winter Wonderland" in a school christmas play at the age of twelve.

Throghout his teenage years, Mike actively participated in the school choir and at the age of sixteen began pursuing music seriously. In 1953 at the Dlugosz family Easter dinner, brother Larry, along with family friends, Ted and Peter Kowalski went to the upstairs bedroom and began to sing "Down by the Riverside". It was this evening that the desire to form a quartet was birthed. Between the years of 1953 and 1954, the beginning of what the world knows as The Diamonds began. Through transition of members as well as location, it was not until 1957 that Mike (now) Douglas join the group. Mike Douglas worked with the group between 1957 and 1972 and rejoined the group in 1987 and remained until 1997. The Diamonds traveled worldwide and their biggest hits are listed below. (see "Who sang on what" for a list of hits.)


The Dlugosz family (Mike standing far left)

Lifetime friends Tedd Kowalski (left) and Mike Douglas (right) Mike and Tedd were the first two Diamonds to meet and sing together

The Diamonds in 1958. L to R - Mike Douglas, Dave Somerville, Tedd Kowalski, Bill Reed