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"The Definitive Collection of The Diamonds"

The release of this LP was a dream come true for fans of The Diamonds in Australia. The Diamonds scored many hits down under and were very popular with Australian audiences. They toured Australia several times in the late fifites and early sixties - establishing a huge fan base.

During the great rock revival of the early to mid seventies, very little was available until this album found its way onto the shelves in a few of the more bouttique record stores in Sydney. Very few albums were pressed (rumour has it that the initial run was 500, which was not extended). Of these, few survive today, and copies in good shape can sell for over $200 on internet auction sites.

The release label was EBENEZER RECORDS.

The album was interesting in that it packed a lot of information on the back cover - not 100% accurate but a good effort nevertheless.

The Diamonds meet Pete Rugolo - Argentine release

This album was released in Argentina in 1958. The cover label, liner notes and record label were all printed in Spanish. The Diamonds had a good fan base in South America, but record releases in South American countries were very limited.

1957 Brunswick release - Black Denim Trousers/Smooch me/Nip Sip/Be my Lovin' Baby

Coral Records released this four track EP in 1957 during the immense popularity of "Little Darlin'". It was a second bite of the cherry for Coral, who had released these songs eighteen months earlier in 1955. The song "NIP SIP" was misprinted on some labels as "NIP ME" - see the photograph in the right hand column. (The printer obviously got confused with the title "SMOOCH ME" on the flip side). Unfortunately the record was ignorged by the public and the record disappeared. Copies of this record are virtually unknown in 2010.

OH Carol/Believe Me

The songs Oh Carol and Believe Me were never released on any single or LP in the USA. Oh Carol was a cover version of the popular Neil Sedaka hit, whilst Believe Me was a cover of The Royal Teens (of Short shorts fame) song. The songs were released in Australia and Hong Kong, but the single was not widely promoted and only a few hundred copies were pressed before production ceased. The cover on the right hand side of the page shows the Hong Kong release.

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Limbo was a calypso tune a-la Harry Belafonte - recorded by The Diamonds in 1956 . The track was released on an EP (see right column) that featured both The Diamonds and The Platters - and also on an LP entitled "Fire Down Below"

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The Definitive Collection of The Diamonds

The Argentine release of The Diamonds meet Pete Rugolo

The re-release of the Coral material on the Brunswick label in 1957


Side 1: Oh Carol

Side 2: Believe Me