Tedd Kowalski

Tedd Kowalski and his brother Pete hail from Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

Tedd's parents emigrated from Poland and settled in Toronto. In fact, Tedd's folks were good friends of Mike Douglas' (Dlugosz) family - also from Poland. On Easter Sunday of 1953, two sets of brothes, (Tedd and Pete Kowalski and Mike and Larry Dlugosz) sang together in an impromptu performance at Mike's Home. Mike remembers this as being the spark that ignited the desire to create a vocal quartet. From here, Tedd and Mike contacted Mike's friend Bob Danko, who not only joined the fellows but also brought bass singer Bill Reed to form the quartet. It is interesting to note that even at this early stage, there existed three out of four Mercury Diamonds in this cohort. Mike, Tedd, Bob and Bill used to spend a lot of time at Saint Elizabeth's church hall rehearsing. Mike recalls being most impressed with Tedd's singing. Both Tedd and Mike began studying music at Dave Snyder's studio in Toronto. Tedd studied clarinet (he was already an accomplished accordionist) while Mike studied Tenor saxophone. Mike also remembers having respect for the talents of his slightly more senior friend and considering him as his musical mentor. Tedd was always interested in the singing, but rumour has it that he also had a keen eye for Mike's very attractive sister!

Tedd had always enjoyed singing and when he started a degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto he met Phil Levitt - another young aspirational singer who was also enrolled in the same course. Tedd and Phil agreed to form a group. Phil Levitt brought along his singing buddy Stan Fisher (Stan was studying Law) and Tedd brought bass singer Bill Reed from his previous group. Tedd sang on all Three of The Diamonds' millon sellers, and he was famous for his part in the "Little Darlin'" comedy routine, where he would take a handkerchief from his pocket and improvise a bonnet while singing "La la la la" and hamming it up with Dave and Bill. The routine was actually suggested to The Diamonds by actor/ dancer Gene Kelly. Tedd retired from the group in 1958 and went back to University to finish his degree in electrical engineering. Tedd has always maintained a keen interest in music. He has sung with a number of groups over the years, and has made several appearances with the original Diamonds. He still has the "La la la la!" which became the trademark of the group's biggest hit! Tedd and his wife Valare still live in Canada and remember the days when The Diamonds were high on the charts with great fondness.



Tedd with Mike Douglas' sister Mary Ann.

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